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Our Mission:

The International Sable Breeders Association's mission is to expand interest, inspire new breeders, promote the breed, and preserve the heritage of the Sable dairy goat, in all its colorful forms, on an international scale in all countries in which it is raised. We are committed as an organization to encouraging intelligent growth and integrity of the breed and its owners through focused marketing assistance and education, working with and within all available affiliate associations, and promoting genetic research and the latest technology to further this cause
Just what is a Sable goat?
Sables are Saanens that are not white. They come in many colors and combinations as you will see and have been a part of the Saanen heritage for as long as there have been Saanens. The first Sables in the US arrived on the same ship with the first Saanens and have been here ever since. They are the result of the pairing of two recessive genes, one from the sire and one from the dam. If an animal has only one of these genes, the animal is white, but if the animal has two, one from each parent, then a colored coat is the result. Since the colored genetics were brought in with the original Saanen imports, this will continue to happen as long as people are breeding Saanens.
But... there is a lot more to the story! Don't miss the history pages under Sable History and or some very entertaining reading, and see the many colors of Sables under Sable Goat Colors.
Rose owned by Marbon Dairy Goats
Rose owned by Marbon Dairy Goats
Marbon goats at AGS Nationals
Marbon goats at AGS Nationals
NOTE: Right now our breed is under attack and in severe danger of being limited in genetic diversity by a motion that came ahead of schedule by a board member (not even a member of the registration committee as is usually done in ADGA meetings).
     While we refuse to make this small war the primary focus of this website for our breed, we do ask that for more information you go to the Migration: History and Statuspage, listed in the menu at the left.
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